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The Michigan Twins Association (MTA) was organized in 1946, following a convention of the International Twins Association (ITA) in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Since that time, annual conventions, or reunions, have been held every 4th weekend in June in different cities in Michigan.  The purpose of the organization is to give twins the opportunity to meet with other twins and multiples—and their families—to make new friendships, re-establish old ones, and enjoy the unique, special bond we all share. 


Membership requires that the members be born twins, or multiples, and that one resides in the State of Michigan.  Twins outside Michigan may become associate members upon payment of the annual registration/membership fee. 

Current membership fees are:  $12 per twin age 18 and over; $2 per twin through age 17.  Dues are used to defray expenses, including mailing costs.

We are available to keep in touch & communicate through
Facebook throughout the year.
Go to
Facebook.com & register at no charge and then go to: “look for a friend”  enter “Michigan twins”
and it will bring you to our twin’s page. Come in & join the fun all year long!